Gargard Agri-Export (GAE) has access to over 4500 acres (approx 1821 hectare) of raw forest land for Agriculture. It recently harvested a 100 acres’ brown rice farm and plans to plant organic coconut and palm nut trees on 1000 acres of land. GAE has also partnered up with local farmers to help sell their produce (Coconut, Cassava, palm nut, and rice) on a larger scale, both domestic and international.

The company is also partnering up with an incoming vegan food nutritionist based in Germany to develop a nutritious drink from coconut water and medicinal herbs local to Liberia. The drink will be called Alkalicity (Alkaline Electricity), and will promote detoxification and restoration of the mineral balance in the body. Alkalicity will provide the following health benefits: relaxation, potency for men, uterus support for women, energy and detoxification. The drink will be exported to foreign markets and sold on the local market.



​GAE fully abides by the Occupational Safety and Heath regulations of the Republic of Liberia and follows International Labor Standards on Occupational Safety and Health. GAE ensures its employees and subcontractors are paid fair wages in according with Liberia’s Decent Work Bill.



​GAE plans to sell its products at affordable prices to ensure success on both domestic and international market. GAE plans to provide adequate training for local farmers to enable them efficiently produce crops for subsistence, as well as domestic and international sales. GAE plans to work with non-governmental organization as well as government agencies to build schools, hospitals and establish social services for local villagers. One of our primary goal is to build serviceable roads from local villages to the main highway to Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, Liberia. This will enable the villagers to easily transport their products on market days.


Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Environmental protection is a primary concern for Gargard Agri-Export. Our company has implemented practices that contribute to the protection of the environment, and avoid the degradation of the surrounding forest land. We also employ sustainable agriculture techniques like Crop Rotation, Cover Crops, Soil Enrichment, and Natural Pest Predators.